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Damaged, Wrong, Missing, Incomplete Orders

While we try our best to ensure you're satisfied in shopping with us, there are times such errors happen and we will want to make it right as quickly as possible.

If you've received damaged items, please contact our customer care within 24 hours of your delivery receipt.

If you've received wrong items, please contact our customer care within 24 hours of your delivery receipt.

For missing and incomplete orders, please first log into your order history to see if your order has been shipped in multiple packages. You should find a few tracking information and more than likely the rest of the packages are still on their way to you. However, if your order has been shipped in 1 package and there's still missing items, then please contact our customer care to assist you.


Authorization Holds

Once you place an order, you may have a pending authorization on your debit or credit card account in the amount of the estimated order total. While authorization holds are not actual charges, they allow your bank to reserve funds so the order can be processed. Authorization holds are temporary and only remain in effect until they expire, the card issuer removes the hold, or the authorization is settled. Once an item has shipped, the authorization hold is removed and charges will post to your debit or credit card account.

It’s possible that you may have multiple authorizations and/or charges on your account for an order. Authorization holds may be requested for individual items if your order ships in multiple shipments. You may also have any combination of the following:

  • An authorization hold in the amount of the estimated order total.
  • Posted charge(s) for shipped item(s).
  • New authorization holds for remaining items that haven't shipped.

PayPal® authorization holds can be extended up to 365 days, renewing every 30 days.

If at any point an authorization hold request fails, saintsew.com automatically cancels the order. If you need help requesting the removal of an authorization hold, contact your card issuing bank. 


Why are there pending charges on my PayPal account when I didn't submit my order?

Adding a payment method to an order may result in an authorization hold on the method of payment equaling the order total, even if the order wasn't submitted.
  • Authorization holds can be extended up to 365 days on a PayPal® account, renewing every 30 days, unless the order is canceled.
  • If you haven't placed an order and still have an authorization hold, check if you have a pending cart open on saintsew.com. Removing the items or the PayPal information will remove the authorization hold.
  • PayPal isn't able to cancel a pending charge.
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